Office Ally was started in 2000 as a medical claims clearinghouse for both professional and institutional providers. The business model was simple:  Provide clearinghouse services to medical providers at no cost.

We started in California with the Independent Physicians Associations (IPAs). The healthcare market in California (the largest healthcare market in country) is dominated by IPAs. Over the years we have expanded to every state in the country.

In 2006, we got into the business of providing software to the medical industry. We started by adding our Online Entry tool for providers to easily enter claims and submit them to the payers electronically. Later that same year, we added a full blown practice management system (Practice Mate).

In 2007, we added an Electronic Health Records (EHR 24/7) system that competes with and beats out all the expensive EHR systems on the market today.  EHR 24/7 will meet and exceed the requirements for EHR Meaningful Use certification later in 2010, so that our users can qualify for government stimulus payments.   

In 2008, we rolled out our Personal Health Record Portal (Patient Ally). Initially this product was set up to communicate with our EHR product only. We have since integrated the Personal Health Record Portal with our Practice management system to allow patients to communicate with providers and their staff electronically. This results in a significant savings to the provider's office. We expect most providers to begin driving patients to Patient Ally to increase efficiency by saving time and money. We are also working with major insurance carriers to pre-populate the patient health records with previous visits and medications the patient is using. We expect this to drive even more users to our Personal Health Record Portal.