Payer List - Workers Compensation

Payer ID Payer Name State   
  • ST = State
Payer IDPayer NameSTNotes
37850 1st Auto & Casualty MN Only Pharmacy bills should be sent direct to payer
WC188 AAA Automobile MN Only
WC251 Acadia Insurance TX & MN Only
WC232 ACIG Insurance All States
ACU99 Acuity, A Mutual Insurance Company All States
WZ093 Administrative Claim Service, Inc. All States
WB229 ADP Total Source Inc All States
E1028 Advance Services, Inc. All States
WC102 AdvoCare Inc All States
WC312 AIG All States
WB108 AIG Claim Services All States
19010 Alaska National Insurance (CorVel) All States
WC340 Alcoa Fasteners Systems All States
E3757 Alliant Energy (CorVel) MN & TX Only
WC904 Allied Property and Casualty Ins Co All States
41840 Allmerica Financial Benefits Insurance Company (CorVel) MN & TX Only
WR378 Allstate Insurance (Property, Casualty, Indemnity, Fire) All States
WB364 AllState Insurance Company (Employees Only)
WP023 AMCO Ins Co All States
WA065 American Claims Management (ACM) All States
WC212 American Commercial Claim Admin (ACCA) ( San Francisco ONLY) All States
WC400 American Home Craft All States
WB100 American Interstate - TX only TX Only
WB103 American Risk Services, Inc and all subsidiaries (Amerisafe Insureance Co) All States
WA054 Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance MN Only
WC422 Amerisure Insurance TX & MN Only
WB341 Amerisure Partners Insurance Company All States
WA056 Amica Mutual Insurance Company MN
WP113 Amtrust Insurance Co of Kansas TX & MN Only
CQ041 Anheuser Busch Inc All States
WB112 Aramark (Prof & Inst Only) All States
11150 Arch Insurance Company All States
WP131 Atlantic Mutual Insurance TX & MN Only
WC104 AultComp All States
WZ744 Austin Mutual All States
WA053 Auto Club Insurance Association All States
WZ751 Auto Owners Insurance Company All States
CQ068 Automobile Dealers Insurance Company Inc All States
WB113 Barnes All States
CQ075 Barnes Group All States
23805 Barrett Business Services Inc (BBSI)
CQ077 Bealls All States
WP049 Benchmark Insurance All States
CQ604 Benchmark Insurance Company All States
WZ588 Bituminous Fire & Marine Insurance Co All States
WB232 BMW Manufacturing Corp All States
WP988 BMW North America All States
CQ090 Boler Co All States
CB154 Brickstreet Mutual Insurance All States
WC789 Broadspire TX & MN Only
WC812 Bunch & Assoc. Inc All States
WX163 Cambridge Integrated Services Group All States
WE042 Cambridge Integrated Services, Inc. (now CompIQ) All States
WB239 Capitol Indemnity All States
WC107 CareWorks All States
WP870 Catholic Mutual All States
WR322 CCMSI All States
18767 Church (WC ONLY) All States
18767 Church Mutual Insurance Company (CorVel) All States
10677 Cincinnati Insurance Co TX & MN Only
10677 Cincinnati Insurance Company (CorVel) TX, MN
31534 Citizens Insurance Company of America (CorVel) All States
E1056 Citrus Valley Health Partners All States
WC293 City Of Arlington TX & MN Only
E9860 City of Fort Worth (TX) All States
LM004 City of Glendale All States
WB115 City of Jacksonville All States
WX100 City of Santa Ana All States
A0067 City of Snyder (CorVel) All States
WZ842 City of St. Paul All States
WA041 CNA Insurance All States
WP497 Coach USA All States
WC834 Cochran Canon Management Service, Inc. (CCMSI) (Concord, CA) All States
CQ145 Contech Construction Products In All States
WZ902 Cottingham & Butler Claim Services, Inc. All States
WZ903 Country Casualty Insurance Company All States
WZ903 Country Casualty Insurance Company MN & TX Only
23655 Country Insurance \ Modern Service Casualty Insur Co (CorVel) TX, MN
42951 Country Insurance \ MSI Preferred Insurance Company (CorVel) TX, MN
23647 Country Insurance \ Mutual Service Casualty Insur Co (CorVel) TX, MN
WZ904 Country Mutual Insurance Company MN & TX Only
WZ905 Country Preferred Insurance Company MN & TX Only
CB180 County of Los Angeles (COLA) (CompIQ ONLY) ALL
WX307 County Of San Diego All States
CQ154 Cr&R Incorporated All States
TP038 Creative Risk Solutions (CorVel) All States
TP038 Creative Risk Solutions CorVel All States
WP618 Crestbrook Insurance Company All States
WC153 Crum & Forster Indemnity Co TX & MN Only
WB117 CVS Pharmacy / Caremark / Minute Clinic All States
WX381 Cypress Security All States
WB105 Department of Energy All States
WX444 Department of Labor and Industries All States
WB104 Department of Labor Black Lung All States
WP651 Depositors Insurance Co All States
WX452 Dept. Of Veteran's Affairs (CA) All States
WB369 Discount Tire All States
WB021 EDIC All States
E9854 Emeritus Corporation All States
24147 Employers General Insurance Group All States